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Here info is meant primarily for small business owners looking for funding because of their business. For potential SBIC investment managers, minimal partners, existing SBIC licensees or any other stakeholders, please refer to the SBIC system webpage.

The U.S. Small Business management and Investment Division welcome your curiosity about acquiring SBIC funding for your business. Since 1959, Small Business Investment Companies (SBICs) have supplied equity capital, long term loans and management assistance to qualifying small businesses.

General Suggestions

The SBIC Program is one of many monetary help programs readily available through U.S. Small Business Administration. The dwelling associated with the program is unique because SBICs are privately owned and managed financial investment resources, accredited and managed by SBA, that use their very own money plus funds lent with an SBA guarantee to make equity and debt investments in qualifying smaller businesses. The U.S. small company management will not invest into small company through SBIC plan.

We encourage that review the info below to higher understand the system and procedure for opening SBIC money. As you review the data, keep in mind that SBIC funding just isn't right for various types of companies and financing needs. The U.S. business management offers a wide variety of economic assistance programs designed to fit the assorted needs of America’s smaller businesses. For more information on various other funding options available through U.S. Small Business management, refer to the .

SBICs might not invest in the annotated following: other SBICs, finance and investment businesses or finance-type renting companies, unimproved real-estate, companies with not as much as 51% of their possessions and workers in the usa, passive or informal businesses (those perhaps not involved with an everyday and continuous company operation), or businesses that will make use of the profits to obtain farm land. SBICs might not offer funds for a small concern whoever major company task is deemed despite the general public interest.

You can find over 300 certified SBICs functioning today. SBICs pursue assets in an extensive selection of industries and geographies. Some SBICs purchase a specific area or business in which their administration has actually expertise, while others invest more typically.

The SBIC program currently offers its licensees accessibility financial obligation money with a 10-year maturity and semi-annual interest repayments. The structure of this financing means most SBICs concentrate mostly on providing smaller businesses with financial obligation or financial obligation with equity features. SBICs will typically focus on businesses which can be mature enough to make present interest repayments regarding the financial investment in order for, subsequently, the SBIC can satisfy its interest responsibilities towards SBA.


You can find substantial educational sources accessible to business owners looking to guage various danger money options and what type may most useful fit their particular financing needs. Make sure to review the resource backlinks below and our web site.

After you have taken time to familiarize yourself with the SBIC Program, venture capital, mezzanine lending and private equity, if you believe your business would be a good fit for SBIC financing, you should first research and identify existing SBICs that may be interested in financing your company. In choosing an SBIC, look at the types of opportunities it creates, stage of assets, business focus and geographical concentration.

Business owners have three resources to look for active SBICs.

After you have identified the SBICs which are most suitable to produce the kind of funding required, you really need to take steps to provide your company want to them. For information on how to organize a small business program look at resources above or accessibility entrepreneurial assistance through U.S. business Administration. Keep in mind that the average SBIC obtains countless business programs each year. Entrepreneurs can benefit significantly from a personal recommendation or introduction into the certain SBIC investment supervisor being focused. An experienced introduction by a business professional increases the possibility your business strategy are going to be carefully considered. Keep in touch with accounting firms, attorneys, professionals within business alongside company colleagues to prepare an introduction. Obviously, you can always send your business plan straight if you should be unable to discover a professional recommendation.

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