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Business and logistics: how to choose a good storage

New trade formats, needs, products, and lead to increase in demand for storage in Vancouver and logistics services and to the rapid development of this market sector. These factors, including high competition and increasing customer requirements for goods delivery, force retailers to look for car storage in Vancouver solutions that will enable them to function more productively: faster and at lower cost.

Mobile storage

Recently, mobile storage in Vancouver has been more and more often heard in the markets of logistics services and retail. Many professional logisticians agree that now it is one of the best ways to simplify, speed up, and make more efficient any business operations related to the warehouse and logistics of enterprises.

What are the pros of mobile storage? You can answer this question by understanding what a good warehouse is and how to compare it with a conventional one.

Storage purpose

Large product flows make product concentration necessary. Specialized infrastructure elements are being built for that purpose, from which the supply of industrial enterprises with raw materials and components, and the final consumer - with finished goods. Such storage places are called warehouses depending on the specifics, bases, terminals or storages.

Warehouse importance

Warehouse is a mandatory component of the supply chain. A specially equipped room is necessary for acceptance, storage, accumulation and packaging of goods, and shipment to customers. In addition to compliance with arrangement, its remoteness from industrial buildings and suppliers is important too. In addition, there are many more criteria that you need to consider in order to choose a warehouse that is ideal for a particular type of business.

Need for warehouse

The need for warehouse arises at all enterprises engaged in the production of any products, trade structures and companies that require supplies to render services. The more developed is the structure of the company, the more important is the warehouse in the overall economic complex.

Storage characteristics

In fact, choosing a warehouse is not an easy and time-consuming task, but it can be done in a proper way. The main thing is to know where to start. First of all, it is worth determining what products it will be intended for. Pay attention to security of the premises, compliance of the building with fire safety standards, indicators of temperature and humidity, geographical location etc.

Goods movement

The distance from major highways increases the cost of logistics services and the cost of production. A warehouse with no transport links is a dubious option. Nevertheless, you should not worry. A mobile warehouse in Vancouver fully complies with all standards and has one huge advantage along with other warehouses: you do not need logistics services, because a truck will arrive for your goods, which will take the necessary things directly to the warehouse. If you do not want to use the delivery services, you can bring your goods yourself to the warehouse or hire a logistics company.

Storage safety

The building is fully compliant with fire safety standards. The room is in good condition and does not need repair work, electrical wiring and other systems are also in order. No need to fear rodents and insects on the territory of the warehouse, sanitary treatment helps to avoid unnecessary little guests.


The warehouse implies the presence of zonalitty, which must be taken into account when inspecting the warehouse. The zone of loading and unloading of goods should be spacious. It is good if the simultaneous placement of two or more cars is provided. In the acceptance area, pay attention to the possibility of placing specialized equipment. In the area where the goods will be stored, the roof and floor must be in perfect condition. Additionally check the temperature conditions. If this warehouse has a basement, ask if water accumulates there during a thaw or heavy rain.

Zones and equipment

A good warehouse must be divided into zones and equipped with special equipment for effectively use: shelving, pallets, automated equipment. To save space, you can use various storage options for products. For example, small loads can be stored in boxes. At warehouse in Vancouver you are given special storage lockers where you load the goods as soon as the truck arrives. This locker is delivered to the warehouse and safely stored until the time you want to take it away.

Main advantages

Compare the main advantages of this warehouse with any other, and you will see that you will not find a better one. The product is convenient to sort here. You choose at what time to unload and deliver the goods. You can store any kind of product. You can use the warehouse on the day of registration of the lease. Discounts are available too

In this warehouse, you can store almost everything. The exceptions are: prohibited items and substances, narcotic and toxic, explosive and flammable substances, weapons, ammunition.

Pleasant staff

Warehouse staff also play an important role. It is very important to find a common language with carriers and storekeepers. It is always convenient to work with pleasant staff, because then you will want to contact this company again and again.

Pay attention

The cost of the warehouse may include not only rent, but also bills for water supply, electricity, security services and other nuances. Find out this information in advance.

A reliable landlord takes care of the condition of the warehouse, repairs it in a timely manner and maintains optimal humidity and temperature inside the building.

The need for warehouse arises at all enterprises engaged in the production of any products, trade structures and companies that require supplies to render services. The more developed is the structure of the company, the more important is the warehouse in the overall economic complex

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