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What is SEO for?

Search engine optimization is a refinement, development and promotion of a site taking into account the requirements of search engines.

The main task of a search engine is to provide a high-quality response to a user’s request, to choose among the many sites the most relevant, convenient, informative, authoritative one. So, for example, search engines take into account when ranking: page loading speed - the faster it loads, the better the position in the search (other things being equal); adaptability - ease of display in all devices, browsers, operating systems; site security - presence of connected https, absence of viruses; coincidence of words from the request with meta tags (title, description), since they contain additional information about the page for search engines; availability of reviews, information about payment, delivery, guarantees.

The growth of traffic and leads, improved behavior on the site can be expected only with the use of honest SEO. Other search methods, by contrast, are highly likely to lead to sanctions.

Thus, when you do competent SEO-optimization or buy backlinks, you not only increase traffic to the site, but also improve the user experience. Convenience and informativeness give the visitor a reason to stay on the site longer, return more and more, place orders, and leave applications.

At the development and testing stage, it is impossible to take into account all the nuances of user interaction with the site. What initially seems reasonable for the developer and the customer may be inconvenient for most visitors. Web analytics systems show how users behave on the site, and allow you to build hypotheses on the further improvement of the resource.It is important to constantly study and consider user experience when working on the site.

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