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Contrary to public opinion, a great living can be made on a natural farm. What’s needed is farming smarter, maybe not more difficult.

Within the natural Farmer’s company Handbook, Richard Wiswall shares suggestions about how to make your veggie production more efficient, better manage your employees and funds, and make a profit. From their thirty years of knowledge at Cate Farm in Vermont, Wiswall understands directly the joys of beginning and running an organic farm—as really once the difficulties of creating a full time income from one. Farming offers fundamental pleasure from making food, working in the open air, being one’s very own employer, and dealing intimately with nature. But, sadly, many farmers eliminate researching business end of farming; due to this, they often times work harder than they need to, or stop agriculture entirely as a result of frustrating—and often avoidable—losses.

In this extensive business system, Wiswall covers:

  • Step by step processes which will make your crop production more efficient
  • Suggestions about handling workers, farm businesses, and office methods
  • Novel marketing techniques
  • What direction to go along with your earnings: company spending, spending, and planning pension

a companion CD offers easy-to-use spreadsheets for creating key financial papers including cash-flow forecasts and Profit and Loss Statements, 24 extensive crop budgets plus templates for lots more, a payroll calculator and timesheet template to truly save time and money with staff member paychecks, and an example job information for farm employees.

Book Ordering Information

The natural Farmer's Business Handbook's listing price is $34.95. You can buy it here for $32.00 with free delivery in america. If you want a signed backup, simply ask. To purchase, deliver a check or cash order payable to Cate Farm for $32.00 you need to include the address you desire it delivered to. Sorry, we try not to accept credit cards.

Send check or cash purchase to:

Cate Farm Book Order

135 Cate Farm Path

Plainfield, VT 05667

Publications are transported once we obtain payment.

Book Reviews

"large, unique, and comprehensive - this guide may help every farmer to higher ready goals, get to those goals, and enhance their main point here!" -Ela Chapin, plan Director, Vermont Farm Viability Enhancement Program

"Richard's book is a vital resource for people farmers that racking your brains on the financial realities of these agriculture practices, and those who've not really started initially to analyze farm profitability. The natural Farmer's Business Handbook provides one step by step guide for farmers, deciphering the usually regarded secret of managing a farm as a company."

-Enid Wonnacott, Executive Director, Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont (NOFA-VT)

"What a breathing of outdoors! Richard Wiswall challenges the conventional idea that there is no a real income in farming. He contends that farmers should really be well-compensated, and then he reveals steps to make that take place. Every farmer-organic or otherwise not, newbie or experienced-should look at this book."-Lynn Byczynski, editor and author of Developing for Market, a journal of news and some ideas for neighborhood meals producers

"How could anybody aspire to create a company guidebook helpful to the most diverse, separate, also contrary sets of people on the planet? This important guide is delinquent! Although the principles have been in existence for some time, this is the very first they have been assimilated and tested so successfully." -Ed Martsolf, Petit Jean Farm, Morrilton, Arkansas

"Richard Wiswall has given united states a finely tuned handbook to run a lucrative organic farm. Many farmers love the developing component but dread the business end, and suffer financially for it. This might be a novel that i shall suggest to your farmer it doesn't matter how long he/she has been in business. There is a large number of hard-learned lessons included within that will assist prevent reinventing the wheel, as countless folks have actually."-Mark Wheeler, Pacific Botanicals LLC, Grants Pass, OR

"lots of people become organic farmers because they love developing plants and dealing the land, but truth be told which is usually the effortless part. Richard Wiswall's book provides practical, real-world assistance for coping with the tough part: business of farming."...

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