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Schermafbeelding 2015-02-20 om 15.12.51With assistance from the right kind of resources, assessing your social networking team’s overall performance and handling all downline is simple. At Engagor, we invest many energy to be sure social media marketing groups can closely collaborate and boost their performance. That’s why business program people can benefit from an accumulation vital device functions, comparable to contact center software, to aid manage each and every facet of their particular personal customer service method.

At the moment, we added 2 key group performance functions to help our people get the maximum benefit from their social customer care efforts, and work more proficiently. Let’s take a good look at 4 essential features to prepare social media groups.

  • Business Hours Schedules (brand new)
  • Groups (brand new)
  • Folder Alerts
  • SLA Metrics Widget

1. Company Hours Schedules

Company Hours Schedules enable you to perfectly gauge the performance of teams and team members considering your energetic business hours. Many customer service teams don’t operate 24/7, and customers don’t anticipate an immediate response away from company hours. That’s why business hours should-be considered when calculating Action Times (i.e. Reaction Time).

Schermafbeelding 2015-02-20 om 13.57.50Here’s a little use case to describe why this unique feature is indeed helpful:

Imagine your company provides social customer service from 8am to 7pm. If a tweet comes in at 10pm at night, this is outside of business hours. As a result, the delay in replying shouldn’t be relevant when calculating response time. A social media team member only has the possibility to follow up the next day starting from 8am, so they shouldn’t be ‘punished’ with a response time of 10 hours. That’s why we now have Business Hours Schedules to make sure you can evaluate social media team members’ performance correctly at all times.

The selection is your responsibility. Simply allow or disable the button ‘Only company Hours’ in Engagor’s Team Efficiency section as well as in the Team Performance widgets on your dashboards.

This new feature also works for brands that have social media teams across the world. In case your organization has actually teams in both ny and London, your local business hours (i.e. EST and GMT) is considered when calculating activity and reaction times. Reap the benefits of this new feature into the fullest and set company hours for each group around the world.

Enterprise program users can begin utilizing this brand-new function in Settings under ‘Account Preferences’. You are able to include holiday breaks (Christmas, Easter Monday, etc.) to exclude from your own company hours. For lots more step-by-step information, this specialized support article will be your ultimate go-to!

2. Teams

To fully reflect exactly how your company works, we’re incorporating the chance to cluster your agents into groups. These sub-groups of users of Engagor account could be used to rapidly examine and compare the performance of multiple representatives at once.

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