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Arrange Characteristics SEP IRA EASY IRA Profit Sharing Plan 401(k) Plan
Obligation for Making Efforts Efforts were created because of the manager. Contributions are formulated by company and employees. Workers usually make contributions; however, the boss could also make efforts.
Contribution Freedom Efforts are discretionary. Employer contributions are necessary. Contributions usually are discretionary. Employer matching efforts, if elected beneath the program, are often necessary whenever staff members make salary deferral contributions. Profit-sharing contributions are often discretionary.
Qualified Companies Any company may establish. Any company with 100 (or less) workers whom attained $5, 000 or more through the previous year.
Participant Eligibility May exclude workers who're under age 21, have worked under three-out associated with the five preceding years, and/or people that have payment significantly less than $550 for year. Needs to be made available to staff members which attained at the very least $5, 000 in just about any two preceding many years and are also sensibly expected to make $5, 000 in the present 12 months. May exclude workers who possess perhaps not accrued two years of solution. But if service eligibility is more than one-year, 100percent vesting will take place after two years. May exclude workers who have maybe not accrued twelve months of service.
Vesting Contributions are instantly 100per cent vested. Contributions might put through a vesting routine. Salary-deferral contributions tend to be straight away 100percent vested.
Company efforts might subjected to a vesting schedule.
Financial Loans Financial loans cannot be allowed. Loans can be permitted.
Age Limitations May exclude employees under age 21. No age constraints.
Contribution Limit Companies may contribute on behalf of each eligible staff member around 25per cent of their settlement or $51, 000, whichever is less. Staff members may defer up to 100% of their payment to the annotated following:
$12, 000 for 2013
Workers age 50 and older can make catch-up efforts of this following:
$2, 500 for 2013
The employer may contribute 2% of payment to each eligible worker, or make a matching share for every employee whom makes a deferral share. The matching limit is dollar-for-dollar as much as 3per cent associated with staff member\'s settlement.
Employers may contribute as much as 25percent of payment compensated to qualified employees. An employee\'s complete efforts cannot go beyond $51, 000. Workers may defer 100percent of payment up to the immediate following:
$17, 500 for 2013
Staff members age 50 and older are able to make catch-up contributions regarding the following:
$5, 500 for 2013
Companies may add to 25% of payment compensated to qualified employees.
Aggregate share for every single worker cannot meet or exceed $51, 000 + catch-up efforts.
Deadline wherein Arrange Must Be Founded Company\'s tax-filing due date, including extensions. October 1 of the 12 months which is why the master plan has been set up. The past day of the boss\'s program year.
Circulation Principles Distributions are made at any time, but are susceptible to national taxation and early-distribution penalty if the worker is under age 59.5 whenever circulation does occur. Distributions could be made anytime, but is put through federal taxation and early-distribution penalty if staff member is under age 59.5 whenever distribution takes place. Distributions may only be made when certain needs, as stated underneath the program, are satisfied. Distributions might afflicted by federal tax and early-distribution punishment if staff member is under age 59.5 when circulation does occur. Distributions may be made only once particular demands, as mentioned beneath the program, are met. Distributions might be afflicted by federal taxation and early-distribution penalty if worker is under age 59.5 whenever circulation takes place.
Complexity Low. Minimum administration needed. Medium. Is expected to register annual IRS comes back. May require the help of a third-party administrator to make certain plan is within conformity.

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