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The solution depends on for which you work and everything do. Various says - including Alaska and Washington - need all businesses to obtain a state company license. Many says are not this fussy, nevertheless they do require folks using professions - such health practitioners, solicitors, nurses, and architects - to get a situation permit. We're unaware of any state that requires computer software developers to obtain a special condition company license.

Numerous locations, counties, and municipalities need local business permits, even for one-person, home-based businesses. Frequently, you may get this sort of license by paying a fee. Some places do not enforce any permit needs anyway, or exempt very small businesses.

To determine what direction to go, phone your local official in control of company licensing. This might be the city or county clerk, planning or zoning division, town income tax workplace, building and protection department, or division of general public works. Neighborhood chamber of trade could possibly inform you whom to phone.

One-word of caution: Before you submit an application for a local business permit, ensure your zoning rules allow home organizations. If the town or county prohibits home organizations in your area and takes this ban seriously, you have access to into trouble whenever you make an application for a nearby company permit. You will need to supply your organization address to get the license, plus city and county might check first to make sure that town is zoned for house businesses.

Numerous self-employed individuals, especially those who work from home, never bother to get a local company permit. If the local government discovers that you're running an unlicensed company, it would likely fine you and bar you against working until such time you get a license. However, the probability of breakthrough are most likely quite little (especially if you should be maybe not doing almost anything to annoy your next-door neighbors - and thus increase the chances which they might report one to the neighborhood authorities).

To learn more about these kinds of laws, see Nolo's book, Working as an Independent Contractor by Stephen Fishman, J.D.

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