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If April 15 isn’t already circled in your calendar, then constant barrage of TurboTax and H&R Block advertisements will soon perhaps you have sweating about processing your taxes. Until pc software programmers come out with a package specifically for us musicians, there are numerous basic things you’ll wish to know – even if you hire an expert to greatly help – to save yourself time and stress with income tax prep.

As a self-employed musician, you need to know more info on fees than the normal employee bee. Perhaps you are making profits from various resources (solo gigs, session work, training, recording, songwriting, product, etc.), so it’s vital that you know how to keep an eye on every little thing and which tax kinds you’re needed to file.

So gather your receipts and look stubs, and let’s mention need-to-know income tax information for your needs and your musical organization.

Make Accounting Painless!

Doing taxes can be confusing and stressful, however these four tips shall help you knock the accounting aspect out of the playground:

1. Create an independent bank-account

When it comes to self-employed, the IRS advises creating a small business bank-account – split from your own individual funds. This can help you do basic accounting.

2. Use an independent credit or debit card for company reasons

Would you like to make accounting also much easier? One of the ways is to find a credit or debit card and employ it solely for business reasons. Each time you purchase sheet music, music tools, amps, electric guitar picks, or whatever else you need for the songs career, could instantly have a record from it on your own monthly statement. You should be careful to never make private acquisitions on the business card – rehearsal garments and food don’t count!

3. Save your valuable receipts

Maintain your receipts arranged by connecting an envelope to your month-to-month declaration and stuffing your entire receipts into it. The IRS typically calls for you to maintain your records (lender statements, receipts, taxation filings) for at the least 3 years through the deadline for filing, therefore in 2014 you ought to continue to have your documents and receipts from your 2010 fees.

4. Make use of money accounting

The amount of money you feature in your business profit/loss kind (mentioned below) is determined by the bookkeeping technique you choose. You’ll see a package in the type asking if you use the accrual technique (you report earnings on day you get it) or perhaps the cash strategy (you report earnings from the day you truly get paid). Money accounting is the most basic strategy when it comes to recordkeeping: you'll simply glance at the times on the checks, bank statements, and store receipts to ascertain if they're part of your 2013 fees. For most of us, the tax 12 months runs from January 1st to December 31st, anytime the dates of one's transactions come in 2013, after that those profits/expenses belong with your 2013 fees.

Understand Which Types You'll Need

If you’re self-employed, revolution goodbye to filing a straightforward 1040-EZ. Depending on whether you’re a sole proprietor (you are your business) or part of a partnership (you’re in a band), you're going to need different tax forms to declare your earnings and expenses.

You’re the boss: income tax kinds for soloists and studio artists

If you’re a musician who teaches students independently, plays gigs, or does studio work, you’re most likely a sole manager. Meaning that you’ll need file Form 1040 plus Plan C or Plan C-EZ to declare profit or loss from your own company.

Additionally, you’ll want to register Plan SE to cover fees for personal security and Medicare (as you don’t have a workplace withholding these fees from your own paychecks). Even though it are appealing to prevent paying these fees today, keep in mind that your distributions later in life will be based how much you paid in to the system through your working life. Skimp today and you may endure later.

Collectively we’re the boss: income tax kinds for bands

If you’re element of a band that plays gigs collectively and splits expenditures and earnings, after that you’re almost certainly in a cooperation. That's where things will get tricky, because you’ll want to lodge income tax kinds as a bunch and independently.

First of all, you’ll need an identifying number known as an EIN to fill out your partnership income tax forms. The EIN works the same as a social security quantity, but also for your musical organization all together. Luckily, asking for an EIN is easy and quick.

Once you've an EIN, you’ll need to submit Form 1065 as a group. For those who have workers form companion band users (i.e. in the event that you hired a full-time bookkeeper maintain all of this straight!), you'd should also register employer taxes.

Besides the team income tax filing, each musical organization user must lodge his / her own-form 1040 followed closely by Schedule E (to record individual profit/loss from relationship) and Plan SE.

Dispersing out the income tax burden: Form 1040-ES

In the event that you expect to owe at the least $1, 000 in taxes for 2014 (after any deductions or tax credits), then you will most likely have to lodge Form 1040-ES to pay for predicted fees. It’s the same concept as having condition and federal taxes withheld from a member of staff paycheck, but since you’re self-employed, you withhold the taxes from yourself. Without causing you to pay money for everything in April, the IRS wants you to send them a check every three months to disseminate your taxation burden, making it simpler to help you get the money to pay the government.

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