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How to start a company Blog?

INBOUND-2014-stop-marketing-start-hacking-other-1Roughly six months ago, I happened to be tasked with establishing a new company weblog for Sidekick, a contact productivity device built-in HubSpot's startup labs.

I thought yes, i am running a blog for HubSpot for over couple of years. Taking complete ownership of a unique material entity must certanly be effortless, correct?


We invested times Googling "how to start a fresh blog site." And each single time, my search engine results showed the same, repeated, worn-out, and unhelpful advice.

"only start composing!"

Ummm by what?

"Share your website on social networking!"

Yeah duh.

"generate quality content and it'll get discovered!"


I believed entirely lost.

Happily, I was working together with a phenomenal team. My supervisor, Brian Balfour, had mastered the art of audience research. And my teammate, Dan Wolchonok, had the most wonderful mixture of coding expertise and advertising and marketing enthusiasm to rapidly send experiments. The 3 of us worked together to start understanding today the Sidekick Blog, and within five months we produced over 22, 000 engaged email readers and retained about 30, 000 month-to-month blog site audiences.

Now, we did not reach these numbers by making all correct moves. We smudged an abundance of times. Nevertheless the most significant thing we learned throughout this whole procedure had been that it really should not be this challenging learn how to launch and grow a blog. So I documented each step we took, hoping to share a starting playbook that other people could adopt and use. Below is playbook. Try it out to understand tips on how to actually introduce and develop a company blog site.

If you found this deck practical, kindly share it. The more its shared, the a lot fewer marketers are left at night once they accept the exhilarating (and hairpulling) procedure of introducing a small business web log. Here are some tweets you could use:

Eventually! The foolproof playbook on "tips establish & Grow a small business weblog" via @hubspot (Click To Tweet!)

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