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How to promote your startup on a social network

Even if you are just starting to learn blogging and the information business, you should have already heard that your own subscriber base is a golden financial asset. The size of the subscription database directly affects the level of income. The more subscribers you have in the newsletter, the more money you can earn.

The quality base of targeted subscribers who have the necessary level of trust in you is the gold mine. That is why many successful companies even buy instagram followers. Such subscribers read your letters; follow your links; watch your videos trust your recommendations; and most importantly, they buy your information products. This is the main reason to start collecting your subscription base from the first days of Internet entrepreneurship.

Are you planning to start promoting your startup? Then, probably, you have already found hundreds of sites on which you can register, but you don’t know which ones should be chosen, which ones should be given more attention and so on. Moreover, you are interested in how much time it takes to promote a startup on the network and how this process can be accelerated.

To simplify the process of adding a startup to sites and make it more effective, you need to carefully prepare. If you don’t have your own site yet, it's time to create one. For starters, a simple page in the instagram is enough to notify your ig followers about the imminent opening of the site. But do not put off this task, as most of the resources listed below will require a link to your site. It is unlikely that you will want to spend your time in the future adding a link to all created profiles, and there will be a lot of them.

Creating and strengthening presence in the network implies creation of not only the profile of the startup itself. Depending on the resource, you will also need to create profiles of its creators, executives or other people.

It's time to start increasing the efficiency of the upcoming work in the instagram. Just open any text editor and write text for two profiles: the founder and the project. Thanks to this simple action, you do not have to reprint the same information on all sites. Most resources will require the following information:

  • -Name
  • -Username
  • -Location
  • -Link
  • -Heading / subheading
  • -Short Description / Biography
  • -Detailed Description / Biography
  • -Links to other profiles

Some will need more information, some less. But if you have ready-made text at hand, you will save a lot of time. In addition, this will make your profiles consistent.

Almost every site will ask you to upload a profile photo, and for many of them you will need a cover. A photo will be required for your page and startup page. In the first case, it should be a high-quality portrait, in the second - usually a logo. If you do not have a logo, you can use special services for its quick creation. Before starting to create an image, look at the profiles of similar projects to get ideas and understand how you can stand out.

Image by Alexander Bahena from Pixabay

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