Measuring Culture and Cultural

Measuring organizational culture

Your organization has a set of values and a culture, whether it was engineered or not. Most organizational cultures tend to revolve around the personal values of the founders, even if the company has been around a long time. Young companies tend not to think much about culture because they are too busy focusing on customers and shareholders. As companies' age and the founders retire or die, they tend to do more inward looking and often want to make sure that the values that made them great in the beginning still characterize the company.

Southwest Airlines is regarded as those unusual companies with preserved it culture of humor, focus on the customer, and efficiency, even after creator Herb Kelleher stepped straight down as CEO. 3M is also a business that has been through leadership modifications, yet stays dedicated to the core value of innovation.

Most mature organizations tend to see a significant tradition improvement in a poor course whenever founder tips down. Switching tradition and values is often gradual and once you understand you have lost the stunning tradition you once had, it is far too late. Although challenging, you can determine culture so you can zero in and fix dilemmas and then make adjustments before things get too much south. Organizational culture can be a significant asset or a damaging responsibility that hinders all attempts to develop and become more lucrative. Measuring and managing it is something few companies do well.

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