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Samsung organizational culture

We're going to dedicate our recruiting and technology generate exceptional services and products therefore adding to a much better global culture.As a global company with about 227, 000 workers and operations in 75 countries worldwide, Samsung Electronics is fully invested in complying with local legal guidelines as well as using a strict worldwide rule of conduct to all or any workers. It believes that honest administration is not only a tool for giving an answer to the rapid changes in the global business environment, additionally an automobile for building trust using its numerous stakeholders including consumers, investors, staff members, company partners, and regional communities. With an aim to become probably one of the most moral companies in the world this is certainly respected by its stakeholders, Samsung Electronics consistently teach its staff members and work monitoring methods, while exercising reasonable and transparent corporate administration.

In an expression of its commitment to corporate social responsibility as a world leading company, Samsung Electronics revealed the “Five Samsung company Principles” in 2005. The maxims serve as the foundation for its global signal of conduct in conformity with legal and honest criteria additionally the satisfaction of its corporate personal duties.

The global rule of conduct sets forth detail by detail behavioral recommendations and judgmental criteria for Samsung Electronics’ workers as members of some sort of leading organization. The code of conduct includes eradication of nationality or gender discrimination, transparent disclosure of company information, buyer information protection and companion collaboration. All Samsung Electronics staff members will abide by this rule of conduct within their relationship with their peers and clients.

Samsung Electronics International Code of Conduct

1. Preface

2. Samsung Electronics International Code of Conduct

Principle 1.

  • 1-1. We conform to all law and moral requirements.
  • 1-2. We esteem the self-esteem and variety of individuals.
  • 1-3. We compete according to the law and business ethics.
  • 1-4. We keep transparency of reports with precise recording of transactions.
  • 1-5. We do not get taking part in politics and maintain neutrality.
  • 1-6. We shield informative data on people and company partners.

Principle 2.

  • 1-1. We preserve a clear organizational tradition.
  • 1-2. We make a strict difference between pubic and private matters within our obligations.
  • 1-3. We shield and respect the intellectual properties associated with organization yet others.
  • 1-4. We create a sound business environment.
  • 1-5. We maintain the dignity of Samsung Electronics inside our outside activities.

Principle 3.

  • 1-1. We respect consumers, shareholders and workers.
  • 1-2. We put concern on customer care in management activities.
  • 1-3. We pursue administration dedicated to shareholder value.
  • 1-4. We endeavor to improve our workers’ total well being.

Principle 4.

  • We look after the surroundings, health, and security.
  • We pursue environment friendly management.
  • We value the health and protection of peoples starts.

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